The classless Man With The Orange Face leaves his wife behind … a retirement soiree and Realtors come out of the woodwork

It seems the whole nation is consumed to some degree with the first 10 days of the Trump regime. ‘He’s done more with the stroke of a pen than the prior eight years,’ say some. “He’s a dangerous blowhard and a bully and a narcissist,’ say others. I fall firmly with the latter view. From ‘what the …?’ cabinet picks to ill-selected advisors to manic tweets to just plain dumb decisions, he’s a flat-out bad man.

I’ve said before that Ellen and Reid are free to make up their own minds. That doesn’t mean the weekly letters won’t point out what’s on my mind. 

Next week: executive orders does not a leader make.

January 23, 2017

Ellen/Reid: Well, we have a Trump in our White House. A sure sign American civilization is going to hell in a hand basket. This whole ‘alternative facts’ thing he’s driving/authorizing is utterly bizarre. Beyond belief and any sense of rationality. His base seems to dig it, however, and that’s all he gives a damn about. One of the more telling inauguration day photos is of Sir Bluster storming through the White House doors just ahead of his wife while the Obama’s both have their hands on her back deferring to her to enter before them as her clueless, socially inept, self-absorbed hubby barges ahead. He is such a dick. Sorry to devolve to gutter language but that’s the best that dumb shit deserves. We are in for one helluva four year ride and it’s going to be real bumpy.

While I’m thinking about it, your uncle will retire on our 67th birthday (Feb. 8) at an evening soiree in Grand Island and I may well make the drive up there to surprise him. It would be kind of fun. Might swing by and see you in Chicago, Reid. Ellen, I likely won’t make it up to the Twin Cities but you never know.

I have a Medicare appeal with the local Social Security office next week. Wish me luck. I’ve got my ducks in a row and hopefully they’ll see the softer side of things from my perspective. It’s a really big deal for me since otherwise I’ll be sunk without insurance through the end of summer. Also under consideration is taking full Social Security now since it would take pressure off reliance on my investments, which are fine and okay but with interest rates continuing to lag that pipeline isn’t as ‘robust’ as they used to say at the bank.

The first week of March I’ll be down in Florida to have fun with Bob F., David Dahlquist and Dave H. We’ll fish and golf and cook and laugh. Miss Emma may make a cameo appearance atop the Camry (geez, 38,000 miles logged since Nov. 2015) since the lure of Charleston on the way home will be too hard to resist.


I get in my paddling while the getting is good. The clock is ticking louder and louder and our days on the salt water are numbered.

My fishing has gained a little spark as my skills creep upward toward respectability. I’m catching fish in watery hideouts that previously had been unproductive (perhaps it’s just a sign that the blind squirrel does indeed come upon an acorn now and then). The physicality of it is just a challenge and so much fun, my buffoonery aside. Glad you like the videos, Ellen. My new blades came in last week and they’ve been great, too. I wonder who’s enjoying the paddles I inadvertently left behind in Hilton Head?

Reid, it sounds as if the job search is continuing apace. I dunno, but there’s something about a job with benefits that might take center stage for you. Not that the allure of start up kinds of things with your friends wouldn’t be a gas but there’s stability in other sorts of paying work. You can always get back to entrepreneurship when the time is right and you have more business skills under your belt.  Your LinkedIn page is up to snuff, isn’t it? I don’t use that very much but people seem to be true believers in it. Man, when you land something, I’ll be out the door and up your way.

The house will go back on the market with another Realtor later this week. It was hard to jettison my prior agent since she was nice and pleasant enough. But it was time to mix the approach up a bit and give some hungry, new blood a chance at the top commission. I’ve literally been hounded by other companies who were chasing my tail once my listing agreement was up. They came out of the woodwork in hordes. It’s a tough biz.

Alrighty, time to wrap things up from Charlotte. Got some golf and a bit of live music ahead this week. Plus the weather is moderating a bit, which is more than we can say about The Man With The Orange Face.

Love, Dad


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