Repeating myself …

There are times in letter writing when topics are rehashed – and rehashed. Then rehashed again for good measure.

Repetitious cases in point: kayak fishing, home sales, job searches, et al.

I wish it might be otherwise. But since we are creatures of habit we tend to do the same things time and time again. It’s just a matter of how you mix up the retelling of those reoccurrences. It’s all in an effort so Ellen and Reid don’t get bored more than they already are when they read the same things over and over. And over.

February 6, 2017

Ellen/Reid: This birthday thing is no big deal. It really isn’t. As of this moment I am declaring 67 to be the new 63. Knock on wood, but I’m feeling pretty good, continuing to not slow down (okay, maybe mentally) and feel generally pretty good about things. Of course, that’s a serious knock on wood. Life is fairly fragile and it can turn on a dime.

Ellen, your photos make it seem that you are ready to move in, maybe before I arrive in a couple of weeks. This really has to be a time of wonderment for the girls. They just have to be so excited at the prospect of their own rooms, their own bath, a new yard to play in. My perception is it’s a great neighborhood. Can’t wait to see it. It just looks so cool. Your contractors have really motored along. Can’t always say that about hired help. Maybe it’s the Minnesota work ethic.

Reid, tell me more about this London thing. Sounds intriguing. Are they paying you for your ideas and work? I wish I’d of visited you when you worked over there. Why didn’t that happen? That would have been a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see you in overseas action. That certainly was a marvelous experience. Once this home move comes to pass then I can turn attention to the Spain/England walkabout later this year. I’m going to pump some of the proceeds of the house sale into the trip. I’ll try to tap into the experience and wisdom of Tom and Vince and my friend Richard, all of whom have hiked the length of the Camino in one swoop. My penchant is to go over and hit the road  in an uneducated fashion but since I’m not the natural, intrinsic planner I need to take a step back and really get the logistics worked out. It will be a great solo adventure.

As for Wyoming there is now one more very interested/likely hiker. His name is Ted Ingold. He’s in my golf group and it’s 75/25 that he will make the trip. As of this writing it looks as if the likely hikers are Ted, Tom, Vince, Katy and me. Not a bad core group. Ted is really keen on fishing and being part of the great adventure. It would be great if you and Liz could make it, Reid, but when you land a new job your time will be spoken for. If we could entice another 2-3-4 people to sojourn with  us that would be fabulous. The more the merrier.

The new Realtor, the W Group, seems to have their act together. All three floors have been completely reconfigured per the suggestion of their stager. Frankly, she wanted to soften the rough edges of my ‘guy pad.’ The new fabric furniture from the first floor is now on the center floor and the heavy leather stuff was hoisted (my neighbor Dan, Marge’s owner, supplied serious muscle power) to the lower floor. One bed was removed from each of the guest rooms and are now in the garage (which is getting jammed full with household flotsam). It really created a more open, airy appearance and feeling. It just looks so much better. I’m using the opportunity to declutter here and there as a way of getting a head start on packing. Before I was merely hopeful. Now I’m excited about the prospects of a sale. The damned Harley is still in the garage. I’ll suck it up and wheel it over to the Harley dealer to see what those thieves will give me for it.

Because of the new effort to sell, I tabled the trip to help your uncle celebrate his retirement. I just didn’t feel like I should be gone when there seems to be some more visitor action on the house. It’s disappointing to miss it the party. Gayle was the first person who got the word and she’s disappointed, too. But when the move is eventually be made they will be very close in Omaha.


My birthday present: Miss Emma and I swooped down on King Flats Creek at Bowens Island for another day on the water. And for a welcome change, we caught fish.

My birthday treat will be another foray to Bowens Island on Thursday. Miss Emma and me have to make these trips while the getting is good since the urge to fish and paddle and explore while I can is very, very strong. The home will sell. The home will sell. It will.

Love, Dad


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