Hasta la vista, 4838 … and a final glass of red wine

This was the last letter penned to Ellen and Reid from my home in Charlotte. This post is fashioned as I sit on the bare wood floor on the now-empty main level. The furnishings are all gone. The POD was hoisted by some fancy contraption onto a sturdy flatbed truck a couple of hours ago, my belongings headed for a storage place in the industrial part of town.

So now I’ll be a vagabond for a couple of weeks until the close on the house in Brevard is complete. Parting may be sweet sorrow since I’ve loved this townhouse dearly but there is a new reality for me roughly 137 miles to the West.

December 17, 2017

Ellen/Reid: Reid, I hope this lands in your mailbox before Liz and you jet to Sri Lanka. It sounds like such an adventure. Your dad would be the last person to consult on travels to Asia, let alone Sri Lankan weddings; can’t wait to see all the photos and hear about it. Keep me posted if you need anything while you’re traipsing about, although I’m not sure what can be done from afar.

Honestly, Ellen, the FaceTimes with you and the girls are liking viewing the Blair Witch Project. That camera isn’t still for one second. And someone is always saying or yelling something. It’s just utter chaos. When we hang up I’m just grinning and shaking my head. Half the fun of the calls is watching those two little goons run and jump about. They are just too cute for their own good. They were on Santa watch pure and simple last night. And yes, I’ll ship the three canisters in relatively short order.

The packing is going much, much slower than ever envisioned. My God, the kitchen has taken three full days and there’s still more pans to stow. Literally this morning I sat down in a disgruntled heap and said, almost aloud, that I didn’t know what to pack next. All I could see from wall to wall was a mound of stuff. There was so much of it of a disparate nature. It’s Monday night as I write this and I’m sipping a glass of wine while trying to think of what room comes next.


My stuff is stowed and the POD is ready to ship out to parts unknown. Last stop: Brevard.

But the kitchen has to be shut down first once and for all. I’ve gone back and forth about a POD vs. a moving company and the deal is this: the POD makes the most sense since the close on both houses is still in a state of flux; Dec. 28 for mine, the first week in January for the new house in Brevard. The POD can sit; movers expect to act on a certain day. Some muscle will have to be recruited once the container reaches the mountains. The thought is to post a note somewhere at nearby Brevard College for a couple of college hunks to pull lifting duty for a few hours. I dunno, maybe $75 each. It all just makes my head spin. It’s time for another drink of wine.

There’s been a bit of turmoil about the closing of my place. The buyers sort of held me hostage for new HVAC and water heater systems. Yeah, both were aging but still worked. They wanted to eat up all of the $6,000 over list price they paid in terms of a credit toward the new systems. My Realtor and I had a heart-to-heart and it was agreed that if we allowed the sale to fold, those systems would still be issues for the next buyer who wouldn’t likely go $6,000 over list price. That put me in something of a bind so I did the next best thing. I caved. At what point does it become only money? That point was likely at hand. In a way, it’s an acceptable thing because a bridge loan would’ve been more costly than the HVAC/water heater systems themselves. What the hell. It’s time to move onward and upward. I need another sip of cabernet to go with a couple of those avocado/arugula and fried egg sandwiches.

I’ve been sleeping quite soundly, an apparent sign that things are getting to me. It is all so tiring do all this by oneself. Hopefully I can recruit some friends to help me heft the big stuff like the sofas and chairs and the breakfast table. The boxes and stuff can be handled by my lonesome. Honest to God, I simply can’t wait to put down roots in Brevard and to get the house situated and decorated (me, a decorator?) and just get moving on with a local life.

My friends Christie and Doug from Myrtle Beach stayed the weekend since they were in town for the Carolina Panthers game. It was a good interlude to have them. Sondra and Jody and our friend Dave came over Saturday night for pizza and just to get together. That was fun too, although I was just flat-out exhausted. Well, it’s time to sign off. Just in time, too, since the bottle of red is empty.

Love, Dad


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