A lawn. I forgot, ignored, dismissed the idea of a lawn …

My last slog around a lawn sweating behind a push mower was in 2005? 2006? Whenever. It’s just that when my base shifted south of the Mason-Dixon Line, there was never a moment’s thought given to cutting grass – and edging and weeding and fertilizing. I fell in love with Brevard but forgot about the bigger home maintenance picture. Now I’m living it. And to think I’m thinking about chickens, too. More on that foolishness next week.

March 5, 2018

Ellen/Reid: Well, it’s another Monday morning up in the hills and for a change there’s nothing falling from the skies. Until Wednesday according to the forecast. That means that, for the first time in all these years (12), there is a lawn to be mowed while relative dryness exists. Cutting grass was not in the vernacular; I thought mowing was sworn off forever. The neighbor across the street, Sonny, says it takes him 15 minutes to mow his small patch of green but he doesn’t have a back yard quite the size of mine so you can


This is why I moved to Brevard. To walk a couple of blocks to the Brevard College campus and another couple of blocks to the downtown.


Of course, this too is why I moved. There just happens to be a small lawn that comes with it.

tack on another 10 minutes to the chore. Still, this is about one-third the size of the acreage on South Shore Drive. My commitment is to an emissions-free electric mower (which I have yet to buy) so I’m borrowing one to see how it works. Last week the developer volunteered to fertilize (with an organic mixture) and the fescue grass (a derivative of blue grass) has just exploded with growth.

Next up is a raised bed garden. Several weeks ago I walked by a nice example of a well thought out bed that I hope to replicate. I’m really looking forward to small plot to tend to. Probably something in the six by 10 foot range. Tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, garlic, sugar snap peas, that sort of thing. Maybe some red raspberries and blueberries. Perhaps the size should be upped to eight by 12. The local extension service publishes a gardening how-to guide so that’s a must read. It’ll be fun to get my hands dirty in the good earth for once. That feeling has been missed since moving to the South and was a real drawback to the townhome in Charlotte.

Feeling good two weeks after the surgery. Feeling very good, actually. The doc called me the anomaly among his patients and after less than two minutes in the examination room he gave me the green light (short of doing something super stupid like heavy lifting). I was already performing contortions and gyrations while installing the shelves and came out none the worse for wear. Walked most of nine holes with Sondra and Jody over the weekend and came through that, too. So there’s full anticipation of being able to golf (50 percent swing effort) in roughly two weeks time. I have steered clear of lifting most things. It’s a hard sneeze that’s the killer. That rattles your timbers from top to bottom. You know precisely where the incision is, that’s for certain.

Reid, when is a good time to visit you? You’ve got some deciding to do in terms of Chicago, Oakland or New York. Nice to have some options, although personally Chicago would present the least amount of upheaval if you can parlay your Oakland experience to their Chicago base of operations. Your friends are there and you know the town. Take that for what it’s worth. But it all seems on the upswing for you.

Perhaps I could double dip with a one-trip visit to Chicago while en route up to St. Paul in May. Ellen, let me know when and where and what you want me to do in terms of assistance.

Got a full slate of friends penciled in for visits. That’s how it should be. Hopefully there can be a jaunt to Charleston with Miss Emma squeezed in sometime in the next three to four weeks. I’m very anxious to fish. It could also be that I’ll rent a kayak rather than tote her down as a way to avoid the lifting. We’ll see how the recovery goes. My shelving had to account for all the rods and gear but there’s still some stowage space that needs to be resolved. I’m not ready by any means to ditch the saltwater gear just yet. I will visit Dave H. in early April to pursue tarpon. If we hook into anything of appreciable size that’ll really test the scar.

Well, enough for today. Be good, please, please, please contact me every so often. Hope to see you all in short order. Give the girls a squeeze.

Love, Dad



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2 responses to “A lawn. I forgot, ignored, dismissed the idea of a lawn …

  1. Vince pratt

    How can you see green grass when all is covered in white? What you really need to go with that garden are BEES 🐝🐝!!

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