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Back to normal…

Reid says a final goodbye to his grandfather.

Things are back to normal for the most part.  Relatives have come and gone.  Most of the chores – dad’s clothing to Goodwill, yard work to spruce up the grounds, and sorting through memorabilia – is well in hand.  Spent much needed quality time with mom.  Friday night before we jetted out, Reid and I abetted her escape (with an approving nod from the staff at her memory unit) for a quick bite at Famous Dave’s.   I’m back in Charlotte and have spent a good bit of time digesting the past week and the months before that.

I’m really proud of the way Ellen and Reid handled themselves, their emotions and those of the family.  Our gathering wasn’t absent of minor spats and feuding and my two just did a nice job dealing with things.  “Take the high road” was Reid’s sage advice.  It worked.

Reid with his grandmother during her successful escape.

There is no letter from last Monday to post today.  I just simply didn’t have it in me.  That’s not unusual; a few times before when we were together there was no letter that week.  But today’s letter was drafted on the plane ride home and will be out the door first thing Tuesday morning.  Without letting the cat out of the bag, I’ve told them that they did a wonderful job of comporting themselves during a very trying week.  This won’t be the last time they will need to muster some resolve and strength is this type of circumstance.  What they learned this week will come in handy at some point down the line.  But hopefully not anytime soon.


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