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Cork the Whine …

I dunno, for some reason there was a lot for me to whine about last week. You’ve seen those ‘Cork the Whine’ placards in kitchens? How true. I’ll get over things soon enough.


November 10, 2014

Ellen/Reid: Our weather has zig-zagged the last few days. Warm one day, not so warm on others. What I really don’t’ care for is the early darkness. For some reason this year, it bugs me. Give me some light. But enough whining.

Dave Hemminger is just wrapping up an oceanic race on a sailboat. They are sailing from Virginia to the British Virgin Islands. It takes about 10 days to go that distance and you can follow the race on the web which is kind of an interesting facet. Out of 40 or so boats they were in the top 10 for a long time. The longer boats tend to go faster from what I see, but what an adventure that must be. He likes boating and the salt water.

After my abysmal effort, if I were Ruth, I'd find another golfer to pick up the slack. Hard to play much worse.

After my abysmal effort, if I were Ruth, I’d find another golfer to pick up the slack. Hard to play much worse.

Played like a dog yesterday in our couples event. The woman I was paired with, Ruth, deserves better than me. It was just awful. We shot in the upper 80s which is about 15 strokes out of the running. I’d like to be more competitive, but my game is just unraveling at the seams. I’ll try again tomorrow, Veterans Day, which is a bank holiday.

Still trying to get my arms around the election. What boggles me is that stocks are way up, the economy is improving, jobs are growing and we’re winding down the GOP-initiated Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. How does the average person vote for the GOP? They’ve increased taxes for the little guys (you and me) and drone on and on about social issues and gut public education and don’t give a hoot about the environment. I don’t get it. They’re just lackeys and stooges of the Koch Brothers, the ultra-right wing and big business. The average person gets hosed. The Democrats have made some errors, sure, but the mean spiritedness (see Ted Cruz), lack of any sense of bipartisanship and utter incalcitrant stance they take on anything is just plain stupid. The electorate gets what they deserve. No wonder my English and German friends laugh at us.

The WFAE-FM interview went pretty well (http://wfae.org/post/charlotte-man-clears-his-path-one-step-time). As is always the case, you forget what you really want to say until after the interview is over and done with. My page views went through the roof but only a few more people subscribed and that’s fine. Not exactly a topic anyone wants to keep up with every day; ‘Oh, let me look at more pictures of trash.’ The station archived the 4 minute thing at wfae.org. That’s a couple more minutes than the topic deserved.

I’m going to host Thanksgiving dinner for a bunch of my golf friends who’ve got no family to hang with for the holiday. I’ll probably have 5-6 people. They’ll play golf first then head over here afterward. It will be fun to be stuck in the kitchen. The pumpkin pies cannot turn out any worse than they did last year when the results were abominable.

Tried to get an appointment with Social Security but the local SS office has no listed phone number. Great. Government run amuck. I need to apply for Medicare pretty shortly to get it in place by February. Still need to make final financial arrangements with John. It’s a relief to get the will moving. I’d stalled long enough. I’ll get copies of it to both of you. I’ve asked for no special efforts toward the end of days, so you can pull the plug at your discretion. In no surprise, I’ve requested no formal burial but rather would ask you to put on your backpacks, hike up high and toss me to the winds in the Bridger. Just be sure to be upwind when you do that.

Okay, enough moroseness. Be good, play straight and fair, and see you soon enough.

Love, Dad


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A bug that won’t easily go away…

There will be no letter written to the kids this week; I see Ellen and Reid on the weekend. But there will be another letter written in sadness today or tomorrow and you’ll see it next Monday.


April 28, 2014

Ellen/Reid: I broke out the new Scott A4 fly rod up in the North Carolina mountains on the Linville River in a last-minute trip yesterday with a buddy of mine named Ted. Apparently the trout weren’t too impressed by my new rig. Few strikes, no fish landed. It could be attributed to the faulty casting/fly selection skills of the fisherman or the fact that here in the East, the waters see a lot of fishing pressure. I did catch a couple of red eyed bass but they weren’t much beyond fingerling size and would not have been enough to feed Emma. The streams are heavily stocked by the state and just as quickly de-stocked by the locals who follow the release trucks and toss corn and such at the unwary fish. To get to wild trout we need to be higher up and well away from the beaten path. But it was still great fun and the Blue Ridge Parkway is nice to drive along. I was just exhausted from the long day.

After 30 years with the same Los Rios Anglers fly rod, it was time to come into the new age with this beauty by Scott. It'll be better for backpacking - and it damned well better catch fish.

After 30 years with the same Los Rios Anglers fly rod, it was time to come into the new age with this beauty by Scott. It’ll be better for backpacking – and it damned well better catch fish.

Ted and I will demo some kayaks this week at a kayak demo event. On the drive back yesterday he asked how much I’d use a saltwater kayak and I said 3 – 4 times a year. Really it might be more than that. Part of me wonders if renting wouldn’t be a better situation but I’ve got the kayak bug and it won’t easily go away. I do want to get to the coast with some regularity on the weekends. As Ted says, I can always sell the thing if it doesn’t pan out. You know what they say about boats (and this may include kayaks): the best day of ownership is the day you buy it and the day you sell it. I hope that’s not true.

There are four Republicans running for U.S. Senate in North Carolina and from the environmental standpoint, they’re all half baked. All are global warming deniers (“false science” says one). I posted some NASA numbers last week to refute these buffoons. They’re more interested in social issues (guns, gays, etc.). Their idea of better business is to screw the little guy and middle class, gut public education and cut corporate taxes. This is what I’m dealing with down here. I read last week that the wealth of our middle class in the U.S. has been passed by that of other nations. All of this neglect of education, working conditions, a true living wage and so on piles up. It has to be about more than tax treatment for the 1 – 2% and social issues. The GOP just doesn’t get that.

I went to a Saturday night radio broadcast of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice put on by a friend at a public radio station up in Davidson. It was really pretty good, and it was good for me to soak up a little culture for a change. The production values were good, and it reminded me when I was a kid, before we had TV, of sitting around the radio. Geez, that puts the ‘old’ in your old man.

Went to the new ballpark in the downtown on Friday night. It was just incredible and so much fun. The park has major league features with a small stadium feel. The backdrop to the outfield are all the downtown buildings. You could see people watching from rooftops. It was a gorgeous evening and it was just so impressive. Charlotte is by no stretch a major league city (not even football or basketball in my opinion) but we can support AAA baseball.

I’ve gotta get off my can and do my b-day shopping for Emma. I need to come laden with gifts for her next week. Ellen, I thought I was supposed to be getting the little trike or scooter for her so let me know what to do on that score. Reid, that is a generous offer by Liz to let me stay at her parents. You know what ol’ Ben Franklin said about imposers like me: guests, like fish, go bad in two days. And I’ll be there for three.

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This horde of goofs…

Obviously, Ellen and Reid can go their way on all things with a clear conscience. They already do, and they don’t need their old man for that. Still, there’s nothing wrong with prodding them toward a little humanity in all things, unlike the dug-in stonewallers in Washington, D.C. Humanity starts at home.


March 4, 2013

Ellen/Reid: I’m not sure what to think about all this sequester stuff. It’s just deflating. When I was younger, in fact even not that many years ago, at least both sides could belly up to the compromise table and get something done. I think they had the benefit of the larger populace in mind. Now it all seems to be governed by party affiliation. Way too much posturing and PR. Personally, I think the Republicans are the worse for it. They are just so mean spirited – guns, health care, gutting public education, clinging to social issues that have no bearing on jobs or productivity, hammering down on immigrants who only want a better life, etc. I’m all for fiscal responsibility and the like, but holy smokes. Amazing they are based on the party of Lincoln, the author of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Page four of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Page four of the Emancipation Proclamation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s even worse down here. The GOP in North Carolina is just a bunch of zealots. They swung into power and they are making the most of it. In only one example, the state’s legal authorities have said that a class of immigrants can drive and should be issued licenses, but in their wisdom, the creeps in Raleigh have decreed that the licenses for these new drivers will be pink and carry such wording as “No legal status.” Pretty soon they’ll push through fracking for what is, at best, a few years of natural gas but at great risk of polluting our ground water. They are just a bunch of redneck nuts. A gracious, caring Lord must be turning the other way as he watches this horde of goofs. We get what we deserve.  And trust me, we are getting it but good. Continue reading


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Find someone you can confide and trust in…

January 7, 2013

Ellen/Reid: It’s not until you go to clear out closets that you truly know how much of your stuff is stodgy, passé, embarrassing to have been worn at all and should simply be put out to pasture (aka, given to Goodwill).  I’ve been trying to clear out available closet space for Felicia, and even by my low standards, much of my garb was awful by any measure.  One thing that the total lack of a sense of style does is make the decision making easy when you think “bletch, this was just a fashion travesty.”  I stumbled upon some more sorry items in the garage this morning.  Those will go, too. Continue reading

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