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Georgia on my mind …

Even before this letter hit the mailboxes of Ellen and Reid, Georgia, at 7 lbs. 4 oz., was among us.

All grandparents think their grandkids are the cutest thing ever. No exception here.


April 13, 2015

Ellen/Reid: Geez, Ellen, now the wait is on full bore. If I were a betting man, I’d say Emma gets a sister sometime this week. I know your mom flies in today and she’s pumped about. It will be good to have her there to watch Emma while you and Tim are off to the hospital for the delivery. It seemed to me Claire was a good name. But no more guessing on my part since you say everyone is so far off. You’ve got my itinerary for May. Tell Tim his picture of Emma chowing down on a bowl of ice cream as she ‘prepares for Papa’ is pretty accurate.

Georgia surveys her new surroundings. She was officially 5 days early (due Apr. 19) but her early entrance was quiet and routine.

Georgia surveys her new surroundings. She was officially 5 days early (due Apr. 19) but her early entrance was quiet and routine.

The girl and I will get plenty of practice. Betsy saw your selfie and thought you looked ready. I guess. Watch for a delivery sometime soon of Emma’s birthday gift. It would be great to be there but we’ll have to wait a few more weeks for a secondary celebration. If your garden isn’t in by the time of my arrival, I’ll put in the plants you want. Just make a list. It will give me and my helper Emma something to do.

The warm temperatures have put the trees behind the house into full foliage which now blocks any view of the apartments 80 yards away. I like that invisibility. It makes my spot one of the better units in the entire development. The HOA garden Nazis will have to deal with a newly planted crop of lettuce, basil, cilantro and a single tomato plant. Per your instructions, the pots are now on the top of the steps which should no longer offend anyone’s sensibilities. Also planted were the flower boxes, but like a complete ditz for some inane reason I bought only five plants and had to return to the garden shop for a sixth. What an idiot. But at least things are in now and we’ll see if it raises the dander of my overseers. There’s also been a bumper crop of pine pollen which covers everything in a soft layer of yellow dust. When it gets wet it changes to a goo.

I’m thinking about selling the Harley. It’s just too big for me. It outweighs the Heritage Softail by about 80 lbs. and that’s a lot for me to handle. A couple of short jaunts this weekend to Macs and a breakfast nook over the border in South Carolina were enjoyable but my run of bikes is probably coming to an end. I’m okay with that. There was the option of a much lighter Wide Glide (same big engine)

It may be time for the Road King to make way for a new Wide Glide.

It may be time for the Road King to make way for a new Wide Glide. That, or the end of my riding years is in sight.

but that brings me full circle to the same conclusion: probably time to end my riding days. There’s still the kayak as a boy toy along with my golf clubs. Besides, the Road King needs some seriously louder pipes and it would set me back about $700 for a pair of Vance & Hines Big Shots not to mention the installation since that would be over my head a little bit. They estimate it takes about three hours for the install but you could double or triple that in my case.

My friend Tom and I head to Charleston this Friday for a down-and-back day of fishing. The last time we went it was so, so cold and we (and our guide Tripp) were completely skunked. He chalked that up to cold water temperatures. But the Friday forecast calls for mid 70s which will be really nice for a change. The kayak hasn’t touched water for a couple of months now. Reid, we’ll use most of the same bait that other guy was using when he pulled in all those big reds. Frozen sardines are akin to the cut finger mullet he used. The fishing reports in the Observer are marginally hopeful. I really hope for Tom’s sake that both of us catch something, anything, just so we can say something was boated. Not too sure Tom is overly enthused about a 5:30 a.m. wakeup but that’s just the wages of going fishing. On a separate note, I hope to take my pastor John and his wife Kelly down to Charleston sometime this summer or fall if they can break away.

Reid, it’s exciting that you can give your full attention to your grad studies at DePaul. Make sure you stick to your knitting on it. Not that much longer to go. You’ll do well, and the thinking here is that a lot of employers might take a shine to a graduate degree, too.

Love, Dad


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