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Cork the Whine …

I dunno, for some reason there was a lot for me to whine about last week. You’ve seen those ‘Cork the Whine’ placards in kitchens? How true. I’ll get over things soon enough.


November 10, 2014

Ellen/Reid: Our weather has zig-zagged the last few days. Warm one day, not so warm on others. What I really don’t’ care for is the early darkness. For some reason this year, it bugs me. Give me some light. But enough whining.

Dave Hemminger is just wrapping up an oceanic race on a sailboat. They are sailing from Virginia to the British Virgin Islands. It takes about 10 days to go that distance and you can follow the race on the web which is kind of an interesting facet. Out of 40 or so boats they were in the top 10 for a long time. The longer boats tend to go faster from what I see, but what an adventure that must be. He likes boating and the salt water.

After my abysmal effort, if I were Ruth, I'd find another golfer to pick up the slack. Hard to play much worse.

After my abysmal effort, if I were Ruth, I’d find another golfer to pick up the slack. Hard to play much worse.

Played like a dog yesterday in our couples event. The woman I was paired with, Ruth, deserves better than me. It was just awful. We shot in the upper 80s which is about 15 strokes out of the running. I’d like to be more competitive, but my game is just unraveling at the seams. I’ll try again tomorrow, Veterans Day, which is a bank holiday.

Still trying to get my arms around the election. What boggles me is that stocks are way up, the economy is improving, jobs are growing and we’re winding down the GOP-initiated Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. How does the average person vote for the GOP? They’ve increased taxes for the little guys (you and me) and drone on and on about social issues and gut public education and don’t give a hoot about the environment. I don’t get it. They’re just lackeys and stooges of the Koch Brothers, the ultra-right wing and big business. The average person gets hosed. The Democrats have made some errors, sure, but the mean spiritedness (see Ted Cruz), lack of any sense of bipartisanship and utter incalcitrant stance they take on anything is just plain stupid. The electorate gets what they deserve. No wonder my English and German friends laugh at us.

The WFAE-FM interview went pretty well (http://wfae.org/post/charlotte-man-clears-his-path-one-step-time). As is always the case, you forget what you really want to say until after the interview is over and done with. My page views went through the roof but only a few more people subscribed and that’s fine. Not exactly a topic anyone wants to keep up with every day; ‘Oh, let me look at more pictures of trash.’ The station archived the 4 minute thing at wfae.org. That’s a couple more minutes than the topic deserved.

I’m going to host Thanksgiving dinner for a bunch of my golf friends who’ve got no family to hang with for the holiday. I’ll probably have 5-6 people. They’ll play golf first then head over here afterward. It will be fun to be stuck in the kitchen. The pumpkin pies cannot turn out any worse than they did last year when the results were abominable.

Tried to get an appointment with Social Security but the local SS office has no listed phone number. Great. Government run amuck. I need to apply for Medicare pretty shortly to get it in place by February. Still need to make final financial arrangements with John. It’s a relief to get the will moving. I’d stalled long enough. I’ll get copies of it to both of you. I’ve asked for no special efforts toward the end of days, so you can pull the plug at your discretion. In no surprise, I’ve requested no formal burial but rather would ask you to put on your backpacks, hike up high and toss me to the winds in the Bridger. Just be sure to be upwind when you do that.

Okay, enough moroseness. Be good, play straight and fair, and see you soon enough.

Love, Dad


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