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News is well served but there is the matter of timing…

Family news is well served by letters. There’s room for explanation and context. It’s just that sometimes there is the matter of timing.

Not 20 minutes after this letter was out the door did my cousin Tom deliver the expected news about his mother, my aunt Mary.

She had a good life, a long life, and was a good egg. I did not make the trip to Portland for her memorial service for reasons that will be explained next week, but I set aside time to remember her nonetheless.


November 12, 2013

Ellen/Reid: By the time you receive this, we may already know about aunt Mary. She is a dear soul; never failed to ask about you two, your whereabouts and lives. Tom said he and his siblings are really fine with things. With her husband gone, and her long-sought cruise of the fjords behind her, it was just that time. Her strokes must have been severe. She is not being fed. Per her instructions, her children will allow nature to take its course. I talked to your uncle yesterday and he and I will head to Portland for the services. Like uncle Henry’s, it won’t be necessarily remorseful but a recognition of her life. That’s how she would have wanted it.

Me, too. It reminds me to follow Mary’s lead. When such time comes for your old man, if I’m tethered to any contraptions that are only there to prolong a lights-out existence, pull the plug out of the wall. Flip a coin for the privilege if you have to. That’s how I want things done. By sheer coincidence earlier this past weekend, Continue reading


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